Overall, still jamming and happy. Much like a chicken nugget, I’m fried on the edges. Although it is the weekend, teaching a lot during the week means there are no days off on the weekend. There’s some part of the psyche that permeates an attitude that – even though I enjoy the editing – and even more revel in the completion of anything – that I do not feel ‘rested’. If I don’t get some time away from all of it, just relax and not work my brain, I just don’t sleep well. Last night I failed to watch a movie, did some peripheral and prep work for various edits and shoots, and it left me sleepless most of the night. INSOMNIA, the enemy of health. Half watching TV, playing with hyper kittens, tossing and turning – makes the next day miserable and unproductive.

I hate the feeling that you’re too tired to do anything, but you want to get things done. Your head hurts, the idea of exercise just looms inactive. I need to fight these compulsions. I will go for a walk today, much as I did yesterday. I pushed myself hard, got 3.8 miles in while it was warm enough.

I still have a single story for FRAMELINES to edit to finish the final episode. There are 3 more tech tips left to cut together. I only have 2 passes of an edit of the latest Cell Phone Monologue. I have a multicam concert to do the final passes of an edit for.

There are over 30 short scripts in need of writing from outlines. Breakdowns and proplists are in need of being completed on those. Location scouting and casting is about to begin within a few short weeks for this mini-shoot.

And all my body and mind want to do is take a day off. I have a STACK of Blu Ray movies purchased and unwatched. Even then, the movie I most want to watch again is DARK KNIGHT RISES, and I have no idea why.

Balance. I must achieve balance.


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