I am tired. I mean exhausted. I’ve been working straight since my last blog with no days off. Lots and lots of editing. I even started bringing my work home with me and working off a portable 750 Gig Hard Drive. It makes me both happy and sad. I’m ecstatic because I’m hitting my goals for getting out of all debt and working towards a newer, nicer car, but I’m sad because I feel creatively drained and there’s no time to dedicate to my artistic inclinations. Although… there was one exception. Even though I worked for 5 hours before, and a few after it…


I managed to work in a little shoot this past Sunday, which was part two of a shoot started the week or two before. I have always put to myself the challenge that if I don’t learn something, or aspire to learn some new technique on each shoot, then I won’t do it. On this little sidebar, I wanted to work with HD, lighting a set to look like a real location, and also therapeutically work with another editor, other than myself. All that, and of course because I was requested to make something by a real studio for their own needs. That’s what really got me to get back into the making of….. a short.


I shan’t divulge much, as I will uncharacteristically let the work unfold more or less on it’s own and then talk about how and why it was made. All I really feel like saying, aside from the picture-poems from set, is that this was not an easy shoot, nor was it the most fun I ever had. I was tenser than normal and quite frankly, out of practice as a director.


The next stage, is the often over looked sound design, sound mix, recording stage of making a movie. I have very high standards when it comes to sound. That’s why when it comes to [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UTOKKM/ref=reg_hu-wl_item-added/102-7580935-5920942]HORRORS OF WAR[/url] there is a thorn in my side about the sound mix. I had a lengthy set of notes about what the movie needed and it was denied by the powers that be. I did manage to slip one past the goalie and make some sound additions on the final Stereo Dolby 2.0 mix, but the 5.1 surround mix is actually inferior because it’s not full or rich enough to fill in the space as both myself and the sound studio themselves intended.

For this little project, I intend to put some real time into the sound mix, plus work on sound design as it’s one of the most under-appreciated aspects of any movie. I’ll wind up doing it myself because I don’t want to shell out the $$$ to another sound designer, especially one I’ve never worked with and the ones I’d want are out of my price range.

I finally get to work with Arya, my friend from Cleveland doing a proper score for something I’m doing. He pre-wrote the music before we shot. It was important, so I needed it and it was there for me before we even shot.


I spent money on this short. Not a lot, but it’s not as cheap as most of my movies, nor was it as flippant. I guess that’s another reason I was under self imposed pressure. As well as missing the deadline that it was intended for. That sucked. My obsessive-compulsive nature has gone on vacation as I deal with the after-math of that.


Not much else to report. The local Columbus film scene is alive with rumors and goings on. Blissfully, I am not a part of any of it. I’m just a spectator, neither enjoying nor hating the activities, but rather just observing the behavior.

When your reputation starts to go down the toilet, you can only assume that maybe some aspect of what people are saying is true. I’d recommend a time of self reflection and ponder the mathematics. If 100 out of 100 people are saying that don’t want to work with you, then you are probably faced with the reality that you’re doing something wrong.


My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™’s car had its engine nearly fall out yesterday on I-270. I happened to be out getting color copies so I rushed in and had a real “Boyfriend” moment as I rescued her from oncoming traffic and got her to work. Now I’m loaning her my car for the next week as that whole ordeal is sorted out.

Why is it when MY car has issues, I’m on my own, but when she has issues and has to get to her minimum wage job, I have to give up my keys? I guess the obvious answer is that because I’m either a sucker or frankly because I’m not all that bothered by not having a car. Either that or there’s some kind of relationship handbook I’m missing that dictates that fairness is not really applicable. Also, I didn’t HAVE to give up my keys. I volunteered them, more so because I didn’t want to wake up at 6:20AM 7 days a week to drive her to work. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ works a lot these days at 2 jobs.


More on the shoot and work methods after there’s something more to show. I’m expecting to see a rough cut on Monday or so. Then some post-audio work shall begin and a re-edit for picture will ensue.

Till, then – stay at a regulated temperature and never talk to strangers that want money from you,
– Ross

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