And the pendulum swings back my way a little…Sometimes patience pays off. Yesterday began as a fairly unproductive time and quickly spiralled into several fronts of my personal, professional, and other areas getting a lot further. Met with one of these young DP’s of the DSLR shooting ilk that does great work. A high praising referral from a DP that I trust and we were talking about shooting some of these Movie Cliches. I want to shoot these fast, but I don’t want to sacrifice quality. This trend of great looking cinematography and guerrilla style shoots have been yielding good movies out in the world. I want my stuff to look like that. And it’s ‘guerrilla‘ shoot not ‘gorilla’ shoot, as in I have no simians intended on my sets, unless you mean my hairy self.

Already, I am planning the next shoot in barely 2 weeks. Talking to cast, looking for a location, working out the props, and the shot list – that’s the brain firing on all cylinders. Gearing up and prep creates an happy anxiety.

Stage one, completion of the shoot placate the OCD to a certain level. Then stage two, finalizing the edit and post production allows my obsessive-compulsive side to relax a little, and whatever the chemical-electric process that occurs in the human brain that equals happiness results.

See? I’ve boiled happiness down to a simple equation.

“So many years I was searching. So many tears I was wasting”
― Beatles

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