Last night I went to sleep before 10:30PM. That’s extremely rare as I am quite the night owl. I generally don’t get sleepy before 2:00AM. I have so much on my mind; rest does not come easy. Ideas and plans coalesce into projects. There exists a circular motion, like a boat caught in a torrent, as everything forms a singular notion – make these real. I’m going to submit to the Emmy’s this year. A few things from FRAMELINES might warrant that little gold statue. Or maybe not, but I see no reason not to roll the dice. A regional Emmy can knock on a few doors that otherwise might not open.

These newer tech tips are of a quality that I think might be worthy. Winning awards to me is never about ego, contrary to what people who have never spoken to me might think. Awards are always about exposure for the work or about the future.

I’m on the fringes of a burnout. I need to take a little bit of time each day to myself. That can be so hard when creativity is flowing, I’ve got classes to teach, and editing to do for clients that pay. I don’t want to lose even an ounce of these creative juices. I also don’t want to let my health and bad habits kick in.

The conundrum. I must consult the Kubrick doll for answers!


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