So I missed my mark of having all 5 pieces edited from last weeks shoot. Instead, I did get 4 done and I watched several movies outside of doing some other work. I feel pretty darn good about what has been accomplished thus far. I’m still on track for a Friday-Saturday release of the latest Movie Cliché, this one not written or hosted by me – which quite frankly most of them aren’t. The other achievement after delivering 4 cuts to the sound designer/composer was creating the additional host backgrounds for the greenscreen shoots. I had paid a graphic designer to make some icons a year ago. I only animated 2 out of the 5 backgrounds. Now I have all 5 of those finished too. Soon I will tackle getting the final pass of edits on the host segments themselves, although they are all cut with at least a first pass.

I am consumed by work at the moment. It feels good to create, to make something new, but also to do it on my own terms. It’s not for a client, it’s not for some stupid contest; it’s for me because I want to make it.

Speaking of which, I’m shooting a new Sonnyboo Podcast this week too. Wrote it two weeks ago, but finally getting around to shooting it now. That means a shave and a haircut later this week. It doesn’t mean I’ll wear a sport coat or anything else completely unnatural to my state of being.

Taking bids on repairs for the house and carpet. Less than 2 weeks until the closing. I’ve been in the house several times. I’m really starting to visualize how it’s going to be a home to me (and the boys). I cannot wait to get started. The pain is knowing you have this impending major life change and you are helpless until other people do their thing first. Any degree of uncertainty right now drives me bonkers.

This process will begin YEARS of hard work. And money to spend. I was still in a state of perpetual repair of the condo, now a HOUSE? One that is already in need of immediate care and attention? Oh my. I just want to get STARTED already. Ugh.

“No one could be more made up than you. Nothin’s left 4 guessin’ What a shame”
– Prince

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