Jesus Marimba! Non stop working. All the time. Gigs bleed into one another, both for me, for fun, and mostly for pay. Doing new Uncle Pete’s Play Time episodes lead to something I sometimes delve into, the George Lucas Effect, whereby I tinker and re-edit and change things on old movies I’ve made.
Opening up the can of worms of continuing Uncle Pete’s Play Time lead to a few new innovations over what I did before. Since there is now Adobe Character Animator, I rigged a puppet out of a new still image of Uncle Pete I commissioned online. So I now have the cartoon singing his own theme song.

For the past year, I use a new greenscreen keying technique as taught to me by Ben Brown, which changed my entire workflow for chroma key. Even though the 2008 Uncle Pete’s were keyed fairly well, they were not perfect.

Now I am spending about 60-90 minutes at a time remastering and re-keying the original 6 Uncle Pete’s Play Time. This George Lucas Effect of revisiting and modifying old works can be a slippery slope. I had decided some time ago to not keep doing this in favor of creating new works. I can justify this entirely because of the new master plan with Uncle Pete’s Play Time.

Justification #1; I am using these older Uncle Pete’s Play Time on the ALMOST ADEQUATE live shows on occassion. Justification #2; I am making a mockumentary on the fake history of Uncle Pete’s Play Time that we shot interviews for and the higher resolution, better quality original episodes will suit this project better.

These are thin justifications. Still…. They get me through the day.

ALMOST ADEQUATE has started to gain momentum. Directing the live show, working on the writing and pre-made material has been a boon for me creatively. Now that we had 2,000 views during the live broadcast means something major changed.

I am about to buy another camera, another lens or two, and I already received 2 new tripods. Business in the realm of live production started booming for me. I paid off my car last month. Already, I am considering buying an SUV. It sucks because I wanted to go months, if not a year or two with no car payments. I’m gonna hold out as long as I can.

I might sneak out and see IT. Then again, when I’m in this sorta mood, working on things feels pretty amazing, so that makes leaving the edit room very difficult. And cats are strewn about the room in various lazy poses.

“We had love so strong my heart couldn’t take it
You took it in your hands and resuscitated
You said, me and you against the world
You said, you and me forever girl
I felt every cell fall in love with you but

I watched you slip, slip away, no explanation
You on your phone, your laptop and your Playstation
I stared at the diamond on my finger and I waited
But the truth never came, but I know her name, so see you later”
– Sia

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