Finally. I directed a short film for myself. Almost three years since the last time I did that. I’ve been so busy and trying all kinds of new things. They say it’s like riding a bike. I say it’s more like a sport, whereas you can get out of practice and you need to warm up, get those muscles ready after atrophy.
 Peter John Ross shootWorking with George again is coming full circle a few times over. In early 2000, I met George and Joe on the first few short films I made ever in my life. In 2008, George helped me out of a hurdle by doing the Uncle Pete’s Play Time shorts intended to be a part of a feature film I still have not made. Now, in 2017 we found a way to do something new and different with that. Joe showing up created a nice bonus for me and I put him on camera.

I’ve already organized the footage and bins. This is no ordinary edit as these are so post heavy and I need a ton of graphic design. Time works against completion on these. All of my friends who do graphic arts are busy right now on projects. Plus I need specialized designs for Adobe Character Animator, which is a unique format with detailed needs.

I prefer to be able to whittle away in post. I edit and reedit a lot. That’s my procedure now. I love doing things this way. Now for the commencement of seeing what happens next….

“Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones
Always smash the picture
Always every time
If I told you baby
That I was in love with you
Oh baby, baby, baby
If we got married
Would that be cool?
You make me so confused
The beautiful ones
You always seem to lose”
– Prince

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