Screened the Cell Phone Monologues last night. Had a blast with some old friends too. Packed house, lots of good movies, mostly from the younger set (entirely except for me). I just want to see my movies on the big screen. I detest the competitive side of things and couldn’t care less about beating someone else. I think everyone puts way too much emphasis on the sport of it. Then again. I already made a podcast about me feelings, sarcastic posts aside. I issued a press release for the new season of FRAMELINES. I haven’t done that in years. A formal written press release can be one of the most effective pieces of marketing. It gets some attention to what you’re doing by 3rd parties, reaches people that otherwise might not know about your project. I’m hoping to do some bigger things, reaching out to my magazine contacts next about FRAMELINES too, which requires a different press release and angle on the story.

It feels utterly fantastic to get back to what I used to do. The promotions, the work involved in that has always been important. I won’t be one of these dudes who waits for the limo to pick me up just because I made a movie. Making the movie is less than half the job. How else will anyone know it’s there?

I’m doing research on something cool. For the Movie Cliché series, I’m thinking of renting the Arri Alexa for the mini-movies. I haven’t worked with this camera yet and I would like to. If I can get more than 12 of the mini-movies shot in one day, then I can justify the expense of the rental.

Shooting with the Alexa mandates an upgrade to Adobe CS6 because of the CODEC (my students had better know what a CODEC is!!!). I’ve been putting off the upgrade for a while, but next month will a good time to switch anyways.

As busy as I am, my mind often wanders to and concepts ferment for FRAMELINES and the Movie Cliché series. I keep jotting down notes, ideas, visuals, and whatever comes up from that ether in the brain.

Back to work… then teaching. And a lack of sleep.

“Some will sell their dreams for small desires or lose the race to rats, get caught in ticking traps and start to dream of somewhere”
– Rush

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