Going to work with SAG on the new webseries and also on the next Cell Phone Monologue. The NEW MEDIA contracts online are incredibly simplified. Seems like SAG entered the 21st century with their forms and interactivity of their website. DVD distribution is pretty much not an option without substantial cost later. That’s okay. Optical discs are dying off. Rehearsal went amazing the other day. I wrote this cell phone monologue specifically for this actress, even though we had never worked together. All I had ever seen were more dramatic parts in movies for her and I thought something comedic would be nice. Turns out she has experience with comedy on stage, but not as much on film. She is fantastic. I can’t wait to get this whole thing together.

Patience is my new mantra. Taking the time to make things [b]GREAT[/b], not just [b]GOOD[/b] (or [b]OKAY[/b] as is usually what my work in the past has been at best). I’m not willing to compromise the quality much just to see something done. Although, I still have to see things finished. Part of what has kept me from making movies in the last few years is that very razor’s edge. I would NOT shoot or not finish because the movie wasn’t going to be exactly perfect.

A lot is going to get done in the next few months. It has to. I don’t have a lot of choice if I want to make good on what time is left to me.

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