Got all three scripts written last night for a greenscreen shoot today that I put off from Friday. That is the last time I ever let drama get in the way of any shoot. Never again will I let personal bullshit stop me from making something. EVER. Making a movie, and I don’t care if it’s a :30 second commercial, a podcast, short film, sitcom, documentary, or feature film – THAT is what matters. Not this other nonsense. Let other people talk. I’m gonna create.
 I do know some people who make things and they have my respect. The rest don’t deserve respect because they haven’t earned it. You may hate what they make, or snicker like a coward behind their back, but I’m going to celebrate their accomplishment. Every single person who makes a film deserves some amount of respect for having the courage to make something and put it front of others. I’m going to SHOW respect and GIVE support, not talk about it like hens.

This past weekend, I started to have pains. My stomach was reacting like it hasn’t for months. That was not a good sign. Maybe the weight loss is indicative of something more serious and not necessarily the happy I’ve been celebrating. If only I had insurance or universal healthcare existed like it does in every single other Western society. The E.R. is not the best way to get diagnosed. Especially when they have a penchant for scaring the hell out of you. Especially if they are right.

When faced with life threatening health issues, suddenly perspective emerges about he said-she said gossip of local filmmakers. All I can think about is making more movies, any movies. If a clock starts ticking, all I want to do is get as much shot as humanly possible. What the hell do I care about the petty immature disputes of fools?

I don’t care. My mind focuses on what I’m about to shoot, edit, and then deliver. Think about what you are spending your time on. Is that really what you want to be doing? You never know when time can be ripped from you. If you have to look back and see that you wasted time on meaningless debates instead of creating, that would be really pathetic. I know I am very sad that I spent so much of my time a few years ago on such pointless endeavors. I’d give anything for that time back, but Time Travel is Not Possible.

Speaking of which, that must be my cue… and the title of the new Movie Cliche Podcast I’m about to shoot!

“My clothes still smell like you, and all the photographs say, that we’re still young. I pretend I’m not hurt, I go about the world like I’m havin’ fun.”
– Lana Del Rey

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