I finished and released the new Sonnyboo Podcast and this one is hitting pretty well. Over 250 views in less than 24 hours makes me feel good. Even more so, the reaction to hit has been phenomenal. Well, that is outside of my own film community. Film forums in NYC, LA, Chicago, Florida, even in the UK – plenty to talk about, discussion started. Central Ohio? Crickets. I keep hearing so many people, even people who worked on my project talk big about working together and wanting everyone to come together, but they can’t be bothered to comment or click the button that says “like“. I guess people feel like filmmaking is too much like a sport now, as if someone can’t win unless it makes everyone else a loser.

I notate this because of the irony, but it’s hardly a point of contention. I don’t need a local film community to work together to achieve any of my projects or get where I am going. It’s a little odd to get more support from other cities and from complete strangers, but I’m not making things to seek validation from local peers. Any validation only serves the purpose of verification of a hypothesis about how I intended the work to be seen or understood, and in this case to start a discussion. It worked everywhere but home. Same thing happened with the last several clips, like the one on Feature Length, which caused enormous debate everywhere…. except with local filmmakers.

It doesn’t bother me, as this is how Columbus has always been. I’ve been in this film community for over 14 years. The names change as people come and go, but the attitudes and the egos never change. Regardless, I still hit “like” on other peoples film posts, when I see them. Doing the right thing and being supportive doesn’t mean other people have to. I like to show support, not just talk about it. Other people can show their support however they want.

I just want to keep making things and I do. Whether it be a podcast, an educational video, an episode of FRAMELINES or a film of my own; I just keep making things and put them out there.

Columbus film has always been dysfunctional, and that has never changed. I don’t know if it can or will change. It has little effect on me and what I do either way. I don’t particularly need that many people to do what I do. My goals and ambitions lie outside making local filmmakers jealous or trying to impress other people in Ohio. Some superficial sense of community does nothing to further my interests.

I just want to tell stories, get them heard by as many people as possible. The rest is unimportant distractions and can remain with those that don’t seem to spend nearly as much time making things as they do talking about it.

As it is, I have 2 entire episodes of FRAMELINES to get closed captions onto, another 2 podcasts to shoot, and animation to complete on a webisode. And that’s just this week. For those looking here for drama, what the are you working on? What film work did you finish this week? Stop reading this blog and make something.

“It is the summer of my smiles – flee from me Keepers of the Gloom.”
– Led Zep

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