So, got another Emmy nomination. Totally rad. To be honest, I was not expecting it. I feel what I submitted this year was inferior to what I sent last year, which means, winning is a LOT less likely. That’s okay; that isn’t the point really, at least for me. I completely forgot about entering, and when I got to school, someone messaged me a “good luck”, then I logged in to the live stream, just in time to hear my name read aloud. What a strange happenstance! And then I went back to work until late at night, went home and edited some more.¬†Finally got around to looking at the Movie Clich√© host segments we shot over a year ago and had edited barely under a year ago. For the next one about to be released, I was floored. She did such an amazing job with it, and it’s going to rock. The entire thing is short and sweet, and hopefully people will respond to it.

Now I have to make a minor decision that won’t matter to a single soul except me; to use the same background for each host separately, or mix them up to match the content of the Cliche? I’m not sure yet. These are the minute details that 99.99% of the viewing audience won’t notice, won’t care about – but might subconsciously draw a line as to consistency if they by chance see more than one of these.

As it is, I must begin the day anew. I’ve got remastered Led Zeppelin playing, new audio mixes for the webseries, and 2 cats laying before me on the desk. Time to make something!

“For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it’s headed my way. ”
– Led Zeppelin

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