Today will be an odd day from start to finish. Got most of my work caught up for clients. Got some business to take care of early in the A.M. Then a stop by the office to do some work for mine own self, then home to do even more edits for me. in between, mailing some DVD’s for a film festival submission. Then possibly movie night with a friend. It’s so easy to hate someone when they aren’t in front of you. We all talk big, blow a lot of hot air, but actually sitting in front of that person changes everything. Innately, humans want to avoid actual conflict. The Internet is replete with examples of tweets, facebook updates, and basically slinging metaphorical mud from a safe distance. Not as much in person.

I have been trying to make peace for so long with so many people. I’m okay with where I am at now. I’m getting a bit more comfy in my own skin. I know what I’ve done right and what I did wrong.

I just want to stay focused on my projects. First, there needs to be stability and in a few short hours, I’ll know exactly where I stand. It’s a whole lot easier to pay attention to your film work when you’re not worried about where you’re going to live.

Bleeding again today. My health no longer derails me entirely from my goals. I just work through the pain or I ignore it as best I can.

Went to the gym last night, lifted, ran and swam. Still not losing a lot of the fat-look, but it seems to be helping a little here and there. The gym is now closing an hour earlier, so that sucks. My flexible schedule ain’t fully elastic.

Well, off to the lions den.

“Little drops of rain whisper of the pain, tears of loves lost in the days gone by.”
― Led Zeppelin

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