Life is strange. No two ways about it. The dichotomy of emotions felt at the same time boggle the brain sometimes. I work hard and try to make life worth living whilst simultaneously falling back on bad habits. In a blog prior, one of the Sonnyboo admirers, that are technically stalkers re-entered the arena, mistakenly thinking that my fake Facebook War with a girl was actually real animosity, as opposed to good natured ribbing that I assure you, this young lady gives as good as she gets (or will when she ACTUALLY gets even with a video at some point, until then – YOU LOSE BROOKIE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA).

He did make a public observation about Columbus commercial video production recently. He says that everyone is overpriced and make crappy stuff. His belief is that the old way of commercials is dying off and if it doesn’t adapt, they will be dinosaurs. He’s not really that far off the mark of truth. In today’s world of desktop editing and DSLR shooting, prices for quality video production are plummeting.

Now I don’t think ALL Columbus video production sucks, not even close. In a less brash and one sided view, I’d say there are reasons for crappy commercials. Having been involved in over 500 commercials in the last 10 years, most of the bad decisions on productions are from the client themselves, who could not be talked out of their own ideas that you know won’t work. They are the boss, and making the client happy is important, even when they are wrong.

Also, I believe in using the right amount of crew and production to match the needs of the client. No, I don’t think every single thing you shoot needs a crew of 50 people. At the same time, I do believe if that fits with the vision of the client’s message – then having an art director and a full crew to light and build sets are the right thing to do at the much more expensive costs.

I just don’t see the world as this black and white/you MUST use a BIG/ONE MAN CREW decision. It has to be what the client’s needs are, not ours. If it’s more about OUR wants, then we’re doing it wrong. Making videos for clients is just that – making videos FOR clients.

I agree with this guy that sometimes people like having over bloated budgets and crews when it is completely unnecessary, but at the same time – sometimes it IS necessary. I just don’t understand the need to turn video production into a sport by saying “You Suck!“. Even in the world of commercials, it’s still entirely subjective what “sucks” and what doesn’t.

I did some TV spots for a local car dealership that were slick and classy. Took some real time with the shoot on the dolly & crane, moving cars in and out of the show room, lighting them and doing cool shutter effects. We had a lot of downtown shots to make it look even more classy. In the end, a month later, they did these commercials that I thought were horrendous. They put on cowboy hats and toy guns and called themselves the “Loan Arrangers” playing on the Lone Ranger cowboy theme. It was ridiculous and pathetic, very low rent and poorly made. The car dealership said their sales went up 28% and ran those same ads for over a year.

So, in the end, did the spots suck? The client was happy. They made more money. Are my artistic sensibilities really what was best for the business? Not a chance. Every time I see spots that I don’t like, I remember that story and understand that it’s not about me and what I think is best per se. It’s what works best for the company and their goals.

These observations are not meant as an instigation, but more a response to a thought provoking that isn’t meant to inflame anything. The bold, somewhat rude attack did make me think and these are my thoughts. Aside from this, I have nothing more I could possibly say to or about this guy.

Peace be with you on your journey, traveler. There’s really nothing else for you here.

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