FINALLY! Some time off, at least time off work for other people. This week I have no classes, absolutely minimal paid work. That means attacking a backlog of material shot but not edited. Starting with the latest SHORT TAKE (see below), and then the rest. I want to finally crack down on the 3 shot but unfinished Uncle Pete’s Play Time segments at long last. Time to get through the initial edit passes, tweak those down and get a picture lock before getting FX and background work finalized.

The rest of the week consists of completing another full episode of FRAMELINES for broadcast. I have enough material for this, mostly edited. I just need to do the host segments and develop a title sequence for the new season.

I’ve got 2 different shoots scheduled this week for 3 different projects. I’m going to fill up the queue before I’ve even come close to clearing what is already on deck. I like keeping busy though. It feels good to have things I love to keep my busy.

The housewarming party was a blast. A lot more people showed up than I anticipated. The cats responded better than I thought. Lorenzo recovered in a few hours, not days as I expected. Today was a great day. Lorenzo has been at the best he has reacted since we moved over a months ago. He played in my bedroom for hours during daylight. Significant progress has been made.

Today was mostly a day off. I sat on the back porch after dinner and chatted as the sun went down. I layed in my bed reading for a couple hours. Tonight I’m going to watch a movie, then crash early.

Life is so good. Happiness just seeps in from this house. Productivity remains high. Creativity opens doors. Sleep relieves any stress.

I say again, life is good these days.

“all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
and the good girls are home with broken hearts”
– Tom Petty

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