The upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud (2015.3 – June 2016 edition) went okay. Had a few bumps, but now that it’s installed, I will say I am seeing way significant speed increases thanks to the new graphics card. Being on the official CUDA list for Adobe means I am seeing drastic performance enhancement. And it immediately put me to work. I have been working on some videos for clients, some after effects heavy, others for commercial work with a lot of interviews and B-Roll shooting. I can say without a doubt, my Canon T2i is going out for sale. Even with the shoulder rig, it did not stand up to the rigors of shooting as I needed it. I tried the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and even though it was rugged and in extremely well lit scenarios, it had an amazing look to it, the lack of low light meant it too would not pass my test. In the end, I can get a Panasonic AF100 for $600-$700 for my simple needs.

Spoke a few days ago at FilmDayton. I had a whole interactive presentation, with some video examples. Essentially I did some of the FRAMELINES and Sonnyboo Podcasts live in a room. Had a great time and loved meeting some new people.

New script is done, even with revisions. Hoping to be in production in a week or so. I don’t feel like I have time to breathe. I really hope I stay busy during political season, as that sometimes is a heavy duty amount of work for about 2 months straight.

A vacation might be in my future.

“Empty room, empty room
How am I gonna fill U?
How am I gonna fill this empty room?

Love is strong, however long
We should’ve been 4ever
How am I ever gonna fill this empty room?

Found a strand of your hair
By the bathroom window
How am I ever gonna get U off my mind?

In my bed, in my head
Every word U’ve spoken
Now how am I gonna fill this empty room?

Lonely hearts, worlds apart
Why should they be broken?”
– Prince

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