Well that escalated quickly. My shoot has just gotten way more complex in a good way. From some heavy weight casting to key players, things just real and mighty quick. This has caused a delay in shooting as in we were supposed to start next Monday but one week is not enough time. Normally a delay scares me but in this case I was terrified I would not be able to do what I need to do in the time allowed. I got a new DSLR rig that also mounts to my tripod. It’s mostly for Behind the Scenes shooting, and little gigs that come up. I needed my own camera. Having the nice follow focus, shoulder rig, and mattebox just make it easier to use.

This represents a golden time in my life. I am relaxed, happy, inspired, and trying like hell to get healthier. I had some health issues crop up last week. That was not fun. Even so, I still worked a gig as technical director, then drove the Cleveland to do a seminar on Directing. There was a contest and the winners were getting free seminars so I put together a powerpoint and some video examples of what I do. It’s incredibly subjective.

Time is flying by. I guess happiness does that, makes time go faster. 2015 was a complete blur and I didn’t even do a lot. 2016 has already started to slip by the same way. I’ve got to keep getting busy.

After I fire up the grill and have me some good eats.

“It’s unfortunate that when we feel a storm
We can roll ourselves over when we’re uncomfortable
Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we’re spinning in his grip”
– Massive Attack

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