In my last blog, I made mention that I was tinkering a little with a new greenscreen keying technique. Since that time, I have re-rerendered and remastered over 20 videos from the past 2-3 years. I voraciously attacked these old edits, mostly because I meticulously keep all my raw footage on external drives, drives in the plural because I have at least one offsite backup.¬†I didn’t spend too much time on these remasters, but in doing so at all, I upgraded everything to 4K and re-did my other effects and animations in UltraHD to make them match the new resolutions. The final files of 1-2 minute pieces go from the original 1.5 gig AVI’s in the Matrox mastering Codec to 17 gig 4K ProRes 422 quicktime MOV’s. That’s 10x times bigger now.

The real burden occupying my brain remains deciding whether to replace or keep both copies of the Podcasts on Youtube. Vimeo allows me to replace the video files, keeping the stats and everything else. Archaic youtube means I could lose several thousand accredited views, confuse viewers on which video to watch, and just basically having duplicates on my own youtube pages.

When it comes to the Sonnyboo Podcasts, these are just things on my mind that I can do on a greenscreen and then animate and throw out into the ether. I never take them too seriously. At the same time, I saw many of them had terrible greenscreen keys from the poor lighting, and then I made even worse decisions as to what the backgrounds should be.

I put things in like a Deathstar set background to Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. For the now defunct Movie Cliché webseries, I had created movie themed animated backgrounds. I guess it was my OCD or something, but it never occurred to me to use those for the Sonnyboo Podcasts. So now I do some minor color tweaking and these nice backgrounds have been repurposed for the Sonnyboo Podcasts.

Combine the new host backgrounds with the 4K “movie head” animated character intro and these upgraded Sonnyboo Podcasts are a lot more consistent, a lot higher quality. As I mentioned last time, I want to exude a higher standard for anything I put my name on. I have already made plenty of crap. No need to add more to the stinky pile.

“Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems,
Better put ’em in quotations
Say what you need to say”
– John Mayer

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