Writing is the hardest part of any movie. Far too many times have I breezed past this step and gone straight into shooting. Uh uh, not ever again. Debating and questioning every word helps make the work stronger. Fighting for what you believe increases the quality. We’re writing and re-writing all the time now. We did get some pickup shots for the new web series done today. “V” makes an unplanned cameo since we shot in the basement of New Rossdonia. My buddy cannot help but get involved because he thinks he rules the homestead. He’s not entirely wrong.

Some of these shots mean I can finish an entire episode this weekend of the series, and we’re working on a massive After Effects animation to finish one of these we shot several months ago. Ugh. It’s a load of work. Luckily I’m not doing this all alone.

Saw Iron Man 3 last night. It was good. My least favorite of all the Marvel/Avengers movies thus far but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Midnight movies are now starting at 9:00PM and 10:00PM so we get to see it a lot earlier and not be out until 3:00AM.

I have officially won my Facebook War. Putting together this little web video news cast has trumped her little photoshop picture slide show. I remain victorious in perpetuity. I knew some little girl couldn’t unseat me from my throne of immaturity. I am the king of pointless debates, now and forever.


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