A lot can happen in a few short weeks these days. Some good, some bad, but things do happen. The universe tends to keep a somewhat balance over events, but for me, some things are more relevant than others. My priorities don’t resemble more other peoples. I’ll make somewhat eccentric choices. [url=http://www.funnyordie.com/users/49403][img]http://www.sonnyboo.com/images1/blog/july07/booblog07.jpg[/img][/url]

To start, I had a few minor emergencies that sent me back to the Hospital. That was fun, especially being uninsured. What sucked most was that it cost me $450, and I was due to make $450 that night on a camera op job. So in essence, I am down $900 all in one day.

My health is a concern to me. I lost weight, changed my diet substantially, and yet I still have certain things crop op. I guess I really am getting older. I always believed if you never grew up on the inside, then the outside would remain the inner 11 year old I am in my head. I guess not. Have no fear Acolytes, your faithful narrator is not in that bad a shape; I am merely experiencing a set back. I have to take a little time off for myself and slow down my pace of late.

I did experience extreme burnout already. Going from freelance job to freelance job, on set and production house to production house, then coming home only to stare at a computer monitor again for hours on end started to really get to me. Combine that with other health issues and your faithful narrator was in a bad way. There were several consecutive 20 hour days, and no full days off for over a month.


The freelance work has remained steady. Since My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ is no longer a sexy stewardess, guess who is taking up all the slack? That’s right, I am the breadwinner. I am returning the favor for a fallow time when my income was less than stellar not so many years ago. As I already stated previously, I love that I can provide the cushion for her as she did for me. Not only is she sexy, but we rely on each other in times of need on every level. I dig that, and I really dig My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™. It’s because we have each other we don’t have to live with our mommy or daddy like total slack-ass losers.

We have, what I believe to be, a picture lock on Goodnight Cleveland. We have sent a DVD to the director, Miguel, in San Jose for his approval. I moved pretty quickly from an assembly edit to rough cut to fine cut, to picture lock on it. George Caleodis was in town, so much was discussed and much thought went into the structure of the film. The movie is split between the drug deal drama story, and the sad story of a failing comedy group that no one thinks is funny. I personally loved the sad story, and found it sardonically funny. I wanted to shift the focus more on that and minimalize the Lethal Weapon-esque drug story. I was able to do that while maintaining the integrity, but we need final approval from the director. Now the soundtrack is in the hands of Micah to be cleaned up and made pretty… as pretty as it can be. I will work on the mix when we have a cleaned up dialogue track and help lay in music from the Caleodis archives.

As soon as that was done, I got hired, officially, to edit an HDV feature from the Derek. Derek’s feature film debut ETERNAL has begun digitizing here in HD. I have added a new intern to help on this and the others will shift focus to ETERNAL from GOODNIGHT CLEVELAND. Not much has been done due to a technical glitch with the HD codec. It made digitizing a less than fun experience. I am blown away by the look of this Sony Z1 camera in 60i. Alex Esber has done some amazing work here. This will take my assistant editors some time to get it all ingested into my system, then I will split everyone into assignments of scenes to edit for an assembly, but unlike GOODNIGHT CLEVELAND, I’ll be in the mix right away with edits for the assembly so we can have as much finished as possible within a week or two of principal photography wrapping.

Sonnyboo Productions really is starting to become an indie film post production house. I hadn’t thought about it, but there really are a lot of short films and now features being posted here in my home studio. Because I wanted to be less reliant on any outside studios for anything, I did splurge on a mixer and microphone for the home studio. I have had to go to other studios to record simple voiceovers. Now I can do this entirely at home. If My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ gets a request, I can just record her here and email or FTP it. I am pleased with the signal-to-noise ratio and can clean up any extra sounds in my audio software.

For those looking for dish on my thoughts or feelings about being parodied, I have little to offer. I have taken on an attorney to deal with any copyright infringements, civil action, and even into the actual criminal activity relating to it. Aside from my meetings with the prosecutor’s office and the police this week, I have nothing more to say.

17+ million views on [url=http://grouper.com/video/MediaList.aspx?o=12&fi=&fpl=22877]GROUPER.COM[/url] and climbing. Some movies only have tens of views, others a few thousand, then the magic three have over five million views each. I guess I know which ones people like more than others… Can’t argue with the stats. What is even more fascinating is that I never even knew that site existed until they solicited me to add some of the Sonnyboo movies. I’m at a stage now where I don’t have to do much as they come to me. I did discover a cool, high quality video site called [url=http://one.revver.com/watch/310415]REVVER.COM[/url]. It’s yet another in the long line of [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/sonnyboo]YouTube[/url]
wannabe’s, but the quality is exceptional. There’s also [url=http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/48d415e827]FUNNY OR DIE[/url] from Will Ferrell, but they solicited me.


I got interviewed for a story with [url=http://www.videomaker.com]VIDEOMAKER[/url]
MAGAZINE, which was cool. I have never had anything in that mag yet, so it was a score for me. What came as an even bigger surprise was that they loved my instructional videos and have asked that I become a freelance writer for their magazine and website too. I accepted the offer and got my first assignment which I am working on today. It’s paid work too. Looks good on a resume, as well as something I enjoy doing. That seems like low-stress work to me, and rewarding.


My health concerns, as well as legal ones, will keep me away from my feature film projects for a few months. I need to make money, and then even more money. That income will make life a bit healthier, pay for insurance, and cover the costs of attorney’s fees as I pursue justice.

As per my doctor’s orders, I made some “me” time and relaxed. I went to a double feature one night by myself of FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Yet again, the FF movie surpassed my expectations, but then again they were really, really low. Oh Jessica Alba… so pretty, so… not diverse as an actress, and yet my eyes are drawn to your shape like the way a starving man looks at a buffet table. My only question concerning the 4th DIE HARD movie is this… why call it DIE HARD? Why not just make this a new movie without tying it to a series? The entire “John McLane” character was missing in this film. There was no story arc or character or emotion whatsoever. It’s as if they were hinging all that on people remembering some kind of character development from previous movies to anchor your emotion on… and for me it didn’t work at all. The action is good, but without motivation, who cares?

Well, this is for a relaxing day here in Rossdonia, home of the political kitties. My man “V” is a vicious little guy. He hates Micah, no one knows why. He goes from loving the petting to biting in seconds flat. No one knows why. Cousette is still attacked often and without cause. “V” has taken on the personality of the terrorist “V” from the movie/graphic novel.

All else shall be as it was meant to be.

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