Not a lot completed over the weekend. I just wasn’t feeling the creative process. I wasn’t frustrated, as I filled my time with social activities and housework. I installed an outdoor light all by myself. We painted the door frame and garage door. No, this is not as satisfying as doing something creative like writing or editing. Hopefully I can make up for this lost weekend during the week. Except I am teaching several days. Being a grown up kinda sucks sometimes. I taught a seminar this past Saturday. Sunday I saw INTERSTELLAR, which was great. All this after having a few folks over for drinks on Friday night. All that combined to suck all desire to edit or shoot all weekend.

I have to find a balance between having a life and keeping the inspiration for what makes me feel alive. Lately, balance works for me. Trying to curb bad impulses, replace them with positive reinforcement.

I have found that sometimes doing the right thing has nothing to do with reciprocation or even acknowledgement, nor does it have anything to do with anyone else deserving of your efforts. You do it because it’s the right thing to do. Something so simple as offering your condolences can be ignored, but that’s okay. Doing that or feeling sympathy doesn’t require anything of anyone else. It makes me human. I’m not a judge or jury, so I have no idea what it makes them.

“done sold their souls, and now their souls is hollow
and I think they can’t follow
they can’t swollow, the truth because it hurts”
– Pharsyde

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