Working on the latest Sonnyboo Podcast, having a little fun. I find I am putting slightly more time into the greenscreen portion. This time I did some virtual camera movement, spent a bit more time trying to make the keying a bit more “realistic“, even though that is never my intent with host segments. It was something new to try. I wasn’t aiming for photorealistic, but marrying the host (me) into the background with an eye towards better color matching and cleaner edges prepare me better for when I do want picture perfect keying. I am getting caught up on some sleep with several nights this past week being less than fruitful on the nocturnal activities. Doing some of my own projects on a Saturday seemed like the right thing to do. The excessive After Effects keying of greenscreen meant long render times which also equates to longer naps. I just woke up after 2 hours and it’s still rendering. I haven’t even gotten to a frame of animation yet.

This is yet another of a series for the Sonnyboo Podcast that originates from a place where I’m going to tap for a multitude of future Podcasts. Originally, these started as whatever was on my mind; Now there is a ton of movie related topics and ideas that I have backlogged to turn into these.

Seriously, it feels truly amazing to do even something so simple as these. The Second Renaissance continues.

“You’re just like crosstown traffic
So hard to get through to you”
– Jimi Hendrix

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