Did I use the “free” time this week to watch movies? Nope. Did I do the dishes that have piled up over a week? Partially. Did I get all that laundry done that needed cleaned? Nope. What I did get done was a decent amount of editing and prep work. I cannot allow myself to fully be immersed in what I was like before, as that would not be prudent or responsible. Finding a balance, that is key. Tried to upgrade my graphics card to one of the official NVIDIA cards that Adobe lists as being CUDA accelerated and tested. Didn’t pan out since the fan is so large that the Matrox card, which is tiny, will get knocked out of the way. I don’t want to buy an all new motherboard or computer just to make this one graphics card work. Frustrated.

Things are trucking forward. Edits are editing. Shoots are shooting. The only thing not panning out so good is my sleepies aren’t sleeping. Insomnia, heat, and cats prevent me from getting a full nights rest.

I hate when my sleepiness interferes with my creativity and drive. I put off walking for a few days; not good after Marie’s Pizza. I could feel the tomato sauce and grease sticking in my veins, clogging my arteries. Today I forced myself out on a walk when I was at my sleepiest. It was 90+ degrees out, humid, and I sweat so much it looked like I had been in a rainstorm. Hopefully, this will translate into a better sleep cycle later.

My subscription to Cinefex magazine started. I’ve loved this magazine because it’s more like a book and it is all about FX in movies. The before and after pictures of scenes totally kick ass.

ABL – Always Be Learning. I never stop learning this. Filmmaking last so long because I will never master it fully. It’s an ever evolving art form as well. With my Cell Phone Monologues I am experimenting with jumpcuts and non-linear storytelling in the edits. It’s totally revolutionizing how I view a cut now.

Diving in and understanding how modern and cutting edge techniques work with audiences make me relish the work. You almost need a psychology degree to be a good filmmaker. Why do some sounds and images make viewers feel certain ways? The combination of one shot to another at that exact moment creates a visceral response why?

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