At the last Arnold Schwarzenegger Film Festival, I was a guest lecturer and I did something on distribution. I have since shot this as a greenscreen Sonnyboo Podcast that as sat edited, sans anything in the green for several months. Last night I started to work on the prep work for this. It’s animation heavy, which is cool to do in Adobe After Effects, but also takes a lot of time. Hey, I don’t need any of this free time stuff!
 This idea originated as one of these blogs, then turned into a powerpoint presentation, and now it will be an animated video blog. Ideas evolve and I want to keep making stuff. I wrote the script for another one of these podcast/video blogs. Will probably shoot it on Friday.

Overcoming the obstacle of procrastination is sometimes hard other times easy. Doing prep work, collecting graphics, typing out words for later animation, that’s all easy to get into. Then I look back down the hill and see that I’m already halfway there and I trick myself into finishing. My obsessive compulsive side kicks in and sees that work has been done and has to be finished.

I try to keep this blog somewhat on the creative and mundane technical processes for the most part. I sometimes slip in a little personal. I sometimes update on what the Cats of Rossdonia are up to, as they are abnormally interesting.

I did about half the cleaning I intended for the weekend. I did more than twice the cooking and watched 4 times the movies/TV. It was somewhat relaxing. Sunday was Sequel Day, as I watched 2010: YEAR WE MADE CONTACT from Peter Hyams and FAST & FURIOUS 6 EXTENDED CUT. Both were inferior to the movies that came before them, but were not a waste of time.

It feels good to both take a break and also chip away at the work I have set before myself. This week will be about scheduling shoots and locking in locations. Also gotta drop off the latest episode finished of FRAMELINES for broadcast.

“So why d’you have to lie? I take it I’m your crutch. The pillow in your pillow case. It’s easier to touch”
– Damien Rice

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