I walked 4 miles today. It was over 65 degrees today in Ohio on January 12th. If that wasn’t a record, then I’d be terrified about the temperature when it was hotter than this. In the meantime an intern worked on FRAMELINES, and now I’m working to put the finishing touches on several segments, web videos, and whole episodes. Things are trucking along nicely. I don’t know if I fully believe in fate. I know I believe in karma, but fate represents a very different mindset. If fate exists, then mine has just been set. Everything lines up perfectly in a row. Maybe my cynicism doesn’t prepare me for when things actually do go my way.

The experiences (failures) of the last few years of my life gave birth to a cynicism that I called realism. I will not be mired in negativity anymore. I know what I am capable of and I will see my destiny fulfilled. I will NOT let myself fall into this cesspool of doubt.

Nobody’s Fault But Mine. There it is again, the Led Zeppelin song title for the blog equally my sentiments by pure happenstance. Fate or something more? A recurring coincidence most likely won’t remain coincidence, but evidence of a higher power at work.

I feel great. I keep repeating myself, but not only great, I’m better than I was last week and the week before that. Everytime I find a new level of happiness and keep expecting something to slip or fall off. The cynicism clearly at work methinks. When the bad things don’t happen, I surprise myself and allow happiness in. That’s an important step that, to allow yourself to feel joy. Constantly discounting the good things, no matter how small, means you’re letting the best parts of life get past you.

Every day I get closer to my goals, big and small. I have things I want to achieve with movies, life, and personally. The key for me is to keep moving, like a shark, never stopping for very long. Just chip away at each goal a little at a time.

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