Gonna do a double feature at the theater with my free AMC gift card I won from the Westerville Film Festival. After that, Imma gonna edit another tech tip and finalize another roundtable segment for FRAMELINES. After that, more swimming and weights at the gym. Then I will most likely pass out from exhaustion and sleep like a baby. Went to the gym late last night, as I almost flaked on the workout. Glad I didn’t. It hurt, in a good way. Starting from ZERO sucks, but I have no one to blame but myself. I’ve never been remotely athletic and my love of Coca-Cola Classic and pizza/fried food is probably more well known than any movie I’ve ever made.

I knew going into this that the first month or so was going to be the toughest. No surprises. BE A BETTER MAN. Change is a slow process. I started bleeding again from MRSA. After the late night workout, I put on pajamas and noticed a bunch of blood stains on my pillowcases and sheets. So I had to stay up late doing laundry. FUN!

I’ve got a few plans for my film future. The documentary (see below) will be one of the best things I ever work on, and I will see it finished. I hate starting things and not seeing them to the goal line. It drives me nuts. I promised this woman I would do this and I intend to keep my word.

My boys are both driving me completely crazy and keeping me sane at the same time. I love taking care of the cats, and they bring an unlimited amount of entertainment. It’s frustrating that they keep breaking things, tearing up rugs, destroying furniture, and waking me up at all hours.

There is that unconditional love though. It means I accept them, flaws and all. They love me and I love them. There’s no grey area, no doubt. Since a friend of mine had her cat pass away this week, I needed to take a moment and recognize that my boys mean everything to me. I am even grateful that someone fundamentally changed me into a cat-person.

“The sacred geometry of chance, the hidden laws of a probable outcome, the numbers lead a dance”

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