Got to another Sonnyboo Podcast last night. I don’t have a lot left in the old queue of stuff shot and not edited. Been trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Whenever we get on the greenscreen, I try to shoot a bunch of things so I have stuff shot and ready to get cut when things slow down or when the mood strikes me. This last one was tacked on to the shoot for the two FRAMELINES Interactive Editing Tutorials from a few months ago. I added a simple little animation of the film-head characters I came up with. I refined it with a few passes as I animated things like the slate-head actually clapping and the arms or legs moving on some of the other guys. I figured since this one was entirely in Ultra HD 4K, I might as well make something new and I had this concept sitting there ready to go.

This animation will lead to my long gestating tutorial, via screencap, of how to do some basic 2D character animation with the puppet tool in After Effects. I have not yet done one of these screen specific type tutorials and there are tons of these already being done by people a lot better than me. I thought I’d try one just to try it.

Picked up a new DSLR to have around the house just to shoot a few things. I’ve got this rig with a follow focus and rails not being used enough, and I just found a tripod mount for that, which makes it a lot more versatile. I already had a couple EF mount lenses lying around, so this little kit will be handy for BTS, stills, and cat videos. My little girl Cordelia Calrissian DeVille is already something of a ham when it comes to videos and attention.

Progress is being made on the next short film. I have a line on some casting. I am reaching a different level of ambition here too. We’ll see what shakes out. We formed a basic shooting plan which will be a lot of new studio shoots instead of location, which I don’t have enough experience for lighting and shooting inside a soundstage or pre-made location like that. Some exciting new things are coming with this project and I’ve got a producer and cinematographer already taking this to a new level.

Tomorrow a new TV arrives. My 70″ Vizio had a single pixel die, and unlike a normal TV, it takes out an entire vertical row so there’s this blue line down the center of the screen. Under warranty, so a free replacement gets delivered and placed in. Being forced to watch TV and movies on my 55″ has been torture. It’s like I’m watching films with the Amish and I don’t think I can even call this living until the new 75″ UHD 4K replacement comes in. Oh yeah, they’re replacing it with a bigger TV for free.

Who says Karma doesn’t exist in the world? I believe! I believe!

“If you look around
The whole world’s coming together now.
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere.
Can you feel it”
– Jackson 5

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