Got another edit for me done. Only one more in the queue that has been shot and not edited. After that, I will need to start getting back to my weekly Greenscreen habit. In the past several months I have outlined several more Sonnyboo Podcasts, some funny to me, others more educational, and some personal. There are several short films in my head itching to get out. The fermentation process takes time as I want a script to be a lot tighter than I would have accepted in the past. I am not 100% physically, as I still have allergies and healing from infections. regardless, my spirits are running on a high from getting some stuff done for me. I felt myself slipping into the slow descent into mild depression again. Several bad habits (first person shooters for too many hours, not enough sleep, not watching movies, not working at regular intervals, not being physically active, etc). I knew that work would help get me out of the funk. It did.

One of the things that isn’t good is just sitting in one place. I have this nice house with all kinds of cubby holes to hang out in and when I use them, I feel better. It’s like I get my monies worth out of the home, plus all the work I put into things like the library make me feel good to sit in the reading chair and read there. There is a real warmth and light to doing that. Actual paper and bound books surrounding me, the feline occupants overlooking, and soft music playing from the surround sound – life is good.

Lest I ever forget it – LIFE IS GOOD. Things could always be worse. I look back at the last few years of my life and I have been coasting towards so many better things. I am where I am supposed to be, although I suspect more changes are headed my way – and I think they will be changes for the better.

“‘Cause we never wanted to be lusty or lewd
Nor tethered to prudish strings
And we never wanted to be jealously tuned
Nor withered into ugly things”
– Damien Rice

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