Got the next Sonnyboo Podcast written for this week to shoot. It’s a good discipline to keep writing and shooting often even if you, and almost especially if, you don’t feel like doing it. I have to find the balance between burning myself out when the inspiration is so hot and how draining it can be to the spirit to constantly create, then market, rinse and repeat.
¬†When things have gotten bad lately, good always follows. Lost a home in a few weeks, found a better one instead. Plans are moving forward on a move soon, and I am beyond ready for it. I’m sick of waiting. It’s as if the next chapter of my life has been on hold for the last few months, pensively wearing down on my shoulders.

Three more Movie Clich√©‘s in the queue for editing and finalizing. One just needs a sound mix and score. Another needs a total edit, but that shan’t take long to finish. I’ve been completely denying the Uncle Pete’s Play Time episodes that have been shot for some time. An initial edit pass is done, but I haven’t even opened the project to take a look. It’s just a task with all the post production elements it takes, especially since one of them is a 90% animated story.

I want to move before I make some serious upgrades to the home editing system. I can’t justify the expense or the time as I prepare to move my entire world to a new residence. I am proud that I have not let the frustrations of home buying derail my creative endeavors. I have maintained my workflow and persistently have made movies and promoted them throughout.

Yay me.

“Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, Daughter of Elysium, We enter fire imbibed, Heavenly, thy sanctuary.”
– Ludwig Van Beethoven

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