The Summer of Ross continues. Not a lot of sun. A lot of good food. Had some drinks last night and that had been a while. I might make some more electric lemonade tonight as the sun sets and sit on my back porch chatting with the roommates. The vacation from doing my own projects will soon end. I need to get back to work on things for me. I won’t lie and say it hasn’t felt good to take time off. Stress is the one thing I have no experienced in weeks. The Emmy’s are next weekend. I have decided not to go. I watched all 6 of the nominees in my category. I really don’t believe I am going to win this time. I’d rank mine 4th or 5th in the list of 6, that is if I were to judge them. I do not want to be disrespectful to the Academy by not attending, but it is so far away this year and expensive. Money wasn’t so much the issue, but the drive and time are.

My paid work for shooting, editing, and directing have all increased, as well as the teaching time. I’m doing even more for the school by helping out IT with software installation and some network changes. Just by pure happenstance, I know quite a bit about how Adobe Premiere deals with temp files and how to do maintenance on that.

The hope for me is that I can stockpile enough money to take a real vacation later this year. I want to go back to Florida and sit on the beach for a week again. Maybe do some writing for my oft denied book.

My mind has been circling on the next short film I want to do. It’s very visual with almost no dialogue. Editorially I want to use natural transitions as well as the jump cut style I’ve been working on the last few years. I have taken a very long time off from narrative work. I want the things I do to be more significant to me. I want to speak to the human condition more and fund more truth in the films I make.

The kitten has integrated herself into Rossland. She is a joy and a demon all at once. Both the boys like her and yet hate each other. Unfortunately, Cordelia Calrissian DeVille, or CC as she is called most often, has somehow become spoiled. I have no idea how this happens to my cats.

“The way that you love is good as money
I swear by stars above, sweet as honey
People think you’re down and out,
you show them what it’s all about”
– Steve Winwood

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