Some people are put on this earth to frustrate the rest of us. This weekend wound up being productive even though I was a little under the weather. I got some much needed sleep, like a baby after a meal on the left mammary dispenser. I attacked some painting in the house – a whole wall and of course little Lorenzo the Kitten found a way to get purple paint in his grey fur. At least this time I kept him from getting it all over the new couch. Now I have some time to get my projects tackled! Imma gonna work on the podcasts, a cell phone monologue, and then take into consideration the feature film(s) – health permitting. Gotta work on all of them at the same time, stretch my time to the max. managing multiple projects without sacrificing quality.

It’s a tough balancing act of prep, shooting, and post. Delegating is key. Finding people who share and/or enhance your ‘vision’ (I hate that term – maybe ‘intent’?) and the latter is more important – enhancing what you want actually yields a better project. Filmmaking is the ultimate collaborative art. I prefer to work with other people.

I’ve always said “we” in reference to a Sonnyboo Production. It’s never ever just me. I’m not a good camera guy, so my movies heavily rely on a cinematographer. And I don’t act, so a Sonnyboo movie needs performers. The team may always rotate but it’s never ever just me.

Now that the national ad campaign is officially over, instead of gaining a lot of time, I’m teaching more and more. I’ve got 2 classes for the next several weeks I’m teaching. Even though I hate mornings, it balances out with the students, and the donuts/bagels don’t suck.

FRAMELINES airs on cable channel 25/20 for the older episodes. Mondays 10:30PM, Tuesdays 4:00PM, Thursdays 11:30AM, and Saturdays 9:30PM. Good timeslots all. We’re about to get back on the Ohio Channel and PBS this summer with new episodes and unaired content. I’m even making special unique episodes for the Ohio Channel.

If only something as simple as agreeing on how to deal with a broken appliance wasn’t so difficult, my days would be perfect.


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