Got a great message last night about the
site of mine. I am always proud of what my little site has done in terms of helping filmmakers with paperwork, free music, and now video and sound effects for free. 

So here’s what I was sent:

I was on a panel of producers for “Eat, Drink, and Be Indie” an event sponsored monthly by the Atlanta Film Festival. We had a decent crowd about 100 folks out to listen to myself and two other producers share our thoughts and experiences about producing features.

Well, the question was what sites would be helpful and before my turn one of the other producers on the panel Terrisha Kearse (“10-20”) mentioned “” as a great site for beginning filmmakers to check out and use as a resource.

So, congratulations on the great site (and yes, I’ve been there before and found it very helpful myself over the years) and getting some Atlanta love.

Pretty damn cool. My secret plan to destroy all the real artists and trick people into enjoying mediocre films is coming to fruition! The evil Sonnyboo plot to take over all and abolish artsy fartsy nonsense can now begin!


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