It hasn’t hit me yet that my first full class from the school has just graduated. It will, once I get back to teaching other classes and none of these particular students are there any more. It’s a big deal, at least to me. It meant a lot to me to have a class of my own for an entire year. These people grew on me. At the graduation, I had to make a speech. I didn’t know this, so I just winged it. Apparently, the friends and family got to experience a small sampling of my teaching style. I gently insulted my students, then built them back up and got very serious.

I had invited all of my students to come to Rossdonia after the graduation. It was my arbitrary motivator for getting a lot of things done like painting, decorating, etc. Funny how having several people over made me pretty proud of what I (“I” meaning, mostly my friends who helped) accomplished. I’ve pretty much done everything I intended to do for now. Doing the rest of the kitchen will have to wait a year or so until I save up a few grand to do the cabinets and floor.

I cannot wait to go on vacation. I’ve been burned out for so long. It’s been 5.5 years (April 2007) since I’ve taken more than a day or two off. Being in this crazy industry for a living means you sacrifice things like traditional vacations and you have to work holidays. I feel the way bacon must feel when it’s been in the skillet for a year or three too long. I need some time away from bad habits, bad memories, and worse relationships.

And there will be a Hooters within 3 miles of where I am staying. Since all their locations shut down in the greater Columbus area (and the rest of Ohio), I have been jonesing for horribly unhealthy fried food. I’m told there are scantily clad women there, but I sit at the bar with my nose in a book waiting to eat breaded chicken parts drenched in a glorious barbecue sauce.

Almost done with all my work before leaving. It means some late nights, lack of sleep, and staring at a blue line move across the screen. Ah, the life of an editor today. I’m trying to do as much from home as I can these days. I love being alone in many ways.

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