Did a shoot today. It was a simple setup and just a demonstration for a series of new Tech Tip videos for FRAMELINES. To say this was low risk is something of an understatement. Still, felt great. If the goal was to get me wanting to be on set again and to feel comfortable talking to a crew and actors, then mission accomplished.┬áSince I like to multitask to an extent, I had ulterior motives too. I need to socialize more. I need to be around human beings more often. I’ve been living under a rock for a long while. Being on set requires talking to people so it all works out.

Working with new actors I haven’t worked with and crew people I don’t know as well forces me to communicate. Learning how to get your ideas across to a group of people ain’t the easiest thing. It takes time and skills that I don’t necessarily excel at. At the very least, I am incredibly rusty at this.

I’ve got the footage I need to complete several things for “Behind the Scenes” B-Roll too. I’ve had a few instructional videos sitting without the appropriate footage to go along with the voice over scripts. Procrastinating on finishing this TV series has reached an all time low. I need to get this caught up.

I do swear that sometimes fate treats me overwell. From Dino Tripodis finding me a location to each actor I approached for the role being happy to do the parts to John Masserella doing the camera work and bringing so much grip equipment.

Yup. I’m getting back to work. I miss every single part of this. Time to get a few Cell Phone Monologues lined up, a few video podcasts, and then it will be time to tackle the feature film Accidental Art in early 2013…

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