And life keeps elevating me lately. Hot damn, getting some creative work done energizes every part of me. Framelines on track, almost done with 16 episodes including closed captions. Two of my webseries are about to either start or continue. Feature film on the books and scripts getting breakdowns, key cast members lining up, and money in place already. I can say it; I feel like a million dollars right about now. Right about now, some people are probably starting to bristle a little at my good fortune. Either someone who feels I wronged them, real or imagined, and even those who have a hankering to see your faithful narrator back in the throws of the downs. Fear not, as I am neither concerned nor interested in the slackened pigs of malcontent.

Life doesn’t get much better than it is right now. It does, but that’s when I’ll be back on set again doing what I love most. The build up time ain’t bad, plus I’ll have several chances to be directing just this month too.

The teams assemble for each project, almost on their own. Like it was fated to be. It’s as if the karma I threw out into the world comes back like a boomerang, much like it did for the bad times as well. You get what you deserve, both for good or ill.

I will say that even through all my optimism, a degree of cynicism exists. Things are going well, almost too well, and I am suspicious. Not suspicious enough to ruin the good vibe, but the tingle exists and I shan’t deny it.

Then I delve deeper into the work itself and everything fades away except what is in front of me. Or laying near me. The only distractions I let get in my way are the two boys. Lorenzo is full size and he doesn’t realize it. He knocks things over all the time with his tail and “V” chases him around. Strangely I don’t feel very lonely at home ever.


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