These new video blogs are popular with people I know. Maybe it’s the slightly exaggerated “me” or maybe people like seeing cruel and unusual punishment towards an Intern, but they are growing in popularity as we go. Alex’s idea of doing this combined with our team writing coalesce into combination of promotion and humor. 

I initially agreed to make 6 of these, but we only had outlined 3 of them, all of which are shot and edited and out there. When it came time to do the next few, I had no ideas. Alex pitched me several ideas, and life imitated art whereas I didn’t bite on any of them. It did lead to a healthy set of combo concepts. The idea of doing some kind of homage to famous movies struck a chord with me.

To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on doing any more, even though we’ve had some really good feedback. The new ideas got me reinvigorated. I cannot wait to shoot these and release them over the next few weeks. The video blogs are simple and not complex, so no need for a lot of flash to them. There are several subtle touches that we’re doing to the insiders; things like my lower 3rd having a ton of titles whereas Alex only has “intern” and the like.

My deal with Alex is this, if we get an average of 1,000 views for each video by January, we’ll make more of them. I’d have to be really really compelled to keep doing these. I have other projects in need of attention, but as long as we can keep the quality up, we’ll keep at it.

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