I plan on getting a whole lot completed this week. Now that my teaching schedule slowed down, time to get on a list of projects. I have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive, so I make lists, then try to scratch off items from the list. Weirdly, I don’t go from top to bottom, but rather a hard then an easy one, and find something in between, and just chip away at the list from all sides. I might actually have the time this week to relax, go see a movie or two, and yet get all my edits and writing done as well. I expect to have a new video or two online by the morrow.

Confirmation that FRAMELINES is getting back on PBS proper just came in. Our plan for Closed Captions and formats are acceptable. My post production supervisory came to the rescue for making a standard output and getting the words all proper, although I can’t imagine the legion of hearing impaired fans for our show. Sony Vegas came through in a big way. Theirs is the singular non-linear editing software program that CREATES broadcast standard closed captions in the file format (*.scc) for digital broadcast. Given how standard SUBTITLES are for digital output, you’d think more software would make the almost identical CLOSED CAPTIONS.

This is a big cleaning week in Rossdonia as well; dishes, vacuum, dusting, laundry, and more. Poor little Lorenzo is not exactly thrilled with the new tile in the kitchen. He stares at it suspiciously, like the floor is somehow conspiring against him. He runs over it as fast as he can, then hides and looks back at it – as if the tile were some kind of monster out to get him. That would be his brother “V”, but Lorenzo stupidly likes and trusts his evil brother… I clearly don’t spend enough time with humans anymore.

I’m actually measuring and looking at new windows. I need 3 upgraded windows for New Rossdonia. I’ve turned into a little bit of a grown up. That’s so sad. I’m not remotely mature, though. All I want to do is make someone jealous at how awesome the condo is now. I want to go “See! HAHAHAHA my place is really nice now… and you’re a dufus and you’re nose is too perfect for your face. And YOU’re like, soooooooo immature!!!” I won’t say this, but I’m thinking it. I also want Cossette back. I miss the old lady-cat.


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