Wanna know something I hate? When people make presumptions, get angry about their own idiotic conclusions that don’t resemble reality, and then spew their uneducated theories out onto the world. It irritates me because propagating ignorance without debate or critical thinking does no one any good. Youtube is NOT about to start charging for EVERYTHING. This simply is not true. First and foremost, Youtube IS a business. They must recoup money for their service that they provide. Users have the OPTION (I cannot emphasize that word enough because most dictatorships do not offer options) to have ads on videos… that the user themselves collect a majority of the money on. Their new idea is to offer subscription based channels. Not the entire site, not required of anyone, and not restricting content without the copyright holder’s permission.

Some people completely imagine that this is a first step towards a complete monetization of the site. It is just that – IMAGINATION run rampant without any basis in fact. No one need panic about YouTube’s content being suddenly no longer available by the end of 2013. It’s just ignorant speculation. In other words, a demonstration of paranoid delusions.

Youtube is basically free. It is owned by Google, Inc. It costs millions and millions of dollars a year for Google to run Youtube. If there aren’t ads, then why should they continue to operate this way? They provide a service at their own discretion. Youtube does not HAVE to do anything it doesn’t want to. It doesn’t owe us anything and is not required to continue to provide the public with free videos just because we want them to.

This bizarre sense of entitlement that people have shocks me. Just because something is given to you for free makes them think they deserve it for free for the rest of their life. This is especially ironic coming from the current trend of Libertarians out there, not wanting any government hand outs of free things for anyone… unless they like their Youtube or they benefit from it like roads or schools or police or libraries. Hypocrisy abound.

Nothing is free. Someone pays, sooner or later you’ll pay for everything you’ve gotten for free too.

Personally, I make money from my Youtube videos. I put very little effort into promotion and checks come in every single month. It may be beer money or enough for a down payment on a new car, just depends. If I really wanted to, I could probably start to focus on the Google money (and maybe I already am planning something…. ;)

Peeps, don’t panic over your own completely self made paranoid assumptions without any facts whatsoever. Or at least at the end of 2013, when your doom prophecies don’t come true – consider, or reconsider your ideology of fear and ignorance – especially before putting that online.


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