Tomorrow I shoot another short. I’ve only waited around 5 years to get this one shot. I have to recast one nephew for another one because the original choice is too old now. I just have to tell the little guy “Tough Titty, it’s the movie business, kid. Now get out of my shot. Maybe you can get the PA’s some coffee. It’s called show business, not show family. Scram.” 

We’re inundated with the snow. Lots of it. A record breaking amount for Columbus Ohio. We beat the record set in 1910 for the most snow accumulated in one night by getting 20+ inches as opposed to the record 15+ inches 98 years ago. The snow covers up to 3 feet surrounding my car on 3 sides. It be ugly. Except that I needed this much snow to do a short I’ve had in mind for 5 long years. This was the only time I could count on snow being on the ground for at least 3 days. I hope to pull this off tomorrow.

Owning my own little “indie run-n-gun package” will pay off in spades tomorrow. My poor man’s steadicam, the jib arm, the HD camera, and people owing me favors will come into play. Along with my parents being out of town so I can use their front lawn and house as a set. I bought the necessary props and equipment tonight, so I think we can pull this off.

Did I mention that I am finally getting some film work done again? Oh yeah. After the marathon shooting with George last weekend, this week I’ll get this baby shot out and have a plethora of new Sonnyboo movies to infest the web, only they will all be mastered in HD and ready for the new HD outlets my distributors have let me know about.

This past Thursday I drove up to Cleveland to do a TV interview for Cox cable. It wasn’t public access, but a cool On Demand show they have put together. The weather and roads were great on Thursday, and then Friday everything went to hell, if hell is actually freezing cold and full of high wind and constant snow. Actually that’s just Ohio. In mid-March.

On the way up, I enjoyed a brief respite at the fabled Marie’s Pizza. Twice in one week? Oh yeah, life is good. Real good it is. Wadsworth Ohio’s pride and joy still delivers and I had leftovers for lunch the next day. I tell you, this pizza is worth the side trip on I-76 to and fro.

After the TV interview, I met up with Johnny Wu and friends for a nice dinner at an Indian place. I had Tandoori Chicken for the first time. Surprisingly, I loved it. I don’t normally get into exotic foods, but this was fantastic. The company equally enjoyable.

Music score has started to arrive from Arya for my new project. More animated backgrounds and other goodies for the greenscreen extravaganza are also arriving daily. Ian Ross assures me that a theme song is imminent. They scheduled the studio time to record it Friday night, but then the storm swept through Ohio and all was cancelled. They rescheduled for tonight, so hopefully Cincinnati recovered as well as Columbus did.

My Fiancé and I spent the weekend cooped up in Rossdonia with the cats. I cooked a LOT. She did dishes, which is more of a tri-annual event, so I cooked more. I had inadvertently prepared for this weekend with several kinds of food, etc. so we didn’t have repeats at all. We breaded chicken strips ourselves, always fun and tasty. My trick is to add minced onions into the breading for a more unique flavor. Marzetti’s Honey Mustard rounds that dish out well.

Tonight I went to Meijer and got the most important element for tomorrow’s shoot. Red fruit punch. It’s crucial to the ending of this short piece. People will understand when this one gets done. I hope to be done early, but you can never tell with a shoot.

The world moves pretty fast and I hope to continue my rotations while the inspiration is strong.

As always, may you find what you are looking for, but hopefully it isn’t just in this blog. Seek your answers elsewhere too.

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