I can’t keep up with all these ups and downs. I’m trying to do my thing, off in my own world. Life has curve balls that derail efforts to just make things, create moving images that somehow mean more than their individual components. I have something to say with movies. Not everyone cares, in fact most people probably don’t. I’m not making them for other people, only me. Some ideas are perculating. Some bigger things, some smaller ones. Just ideas turning into something more, pictures turning into plans in my brain.

I don’t care who you are or what you are making, creativity is pure. This separates humans from the animals. No other intelligent creature makes things purely for appreciation, nor expresses themselves as a form of communication via metaphoric recreations.

I’m going to learn another language. I’m yearning to speak Spanish a lot lately. Maybe the trip I have in mind for later this year will make life easier if I brush up and attempt to become more fluent. I think it’s sad to not speak more than one language at least passably.

“I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy and man, did he look pretty ill. We decided that we would have a soda my favorite flavor, cherry red. I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy. And he said one word to me, and that was “dead””
– Rolling Stones

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