Two days off in a row…. I can barely remember what that felt like. Yesterday was making some adjustments to Rossland, all minor, capped off with a movie. Today will start with a movie, then diving head first into a series of backed up projects for myself. I plan on getting completely lost in time, into the editing where the rest of the world melts away and you become one with the footage, play with it until it needs to rest. That is what my plan is for today. When I got into this house, I was hoping it would help spark new habits, especially the getting off the Internet as much and spend more time watching movies, making movies, and preparing to make more movies. Because of the mountain of paid work, and teaching at the same time, I haven’t had much time for anything other than setting up the house.

Now that I have time, I am yearning to watch movies which inspires me to want to make them more. Today is the true test of my mettle. Can I succeed in doing work here? How well can I stay focused on the self imposed tasks?

Much as I have said repeatedly in this old blog o’ mine, as well as to my few friends; I am so happy these days. I’m bursting at the seams with joy. Unrestrained jubilation is NOT my natural state.

I’ve got a confirmation of my next shoot, so the planning and execution begin now as well. I’m taking all kinds of notes, getting ideas, and getting a crew together. Since we’re shooting in my living room, I will unveil Rossland to the world in the enusing months.

“You will remember –
When this is blown over
And everything’s all by the way –
When I grow older
I will be there at your side to remind you how I still love you”
– Queen

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