A tradition broke! We finished an episode of FRAMELINES and neglected to do my celebratory dance. It was 2:00AM, and I was simply too exhausted to bust a move. Plus having to get up for an early morning class didn’t help. Or the freezing weather. And yet, the positivity ain’t gone. Today we’re going to outline the webseries. The hosts are lined up, schedules being made, and scripts are being worked on. We’re up to about 30 or so episodes, each lasting a scant 60-90 seconds. There will be a host, and as the project has developed, I will share the hosting duties of different episodes with different hosts, many local celebrities from radio and TV here in central Ohio.

What I like about this idea is not only the simplicity, but also the challenges. Not the buzzword meaning of the word ‘challenges’ which is to replace PROBLEMS because people think that using an alternate word somehow negates the negativity so they pretend that saying it differently made a huge difference – NO! I am saying these are genuine challenges, specific hurdles I am creating for myself to overcome and better the work.

The idea is to write all the host segments first, then shoot all of them out. Each episode contains a mini-movie in the middle, like the gooey center of many a candy bar or formerly of the Twinkie. These will be diverse, in entirely different locations, with different props, costumes, make up, and we’ll need 30 of them. 30 of them.

I have a list of work to be done for FRAMELINES, outside of the actual episodes (bonus content, web video, etc.), and CLIP FRAMES, which is still going strong itself. We’re going to do a FIlm Camp for high school kids this summer. Then a feature film, my teaching schedule, some Cell Phone Monologues, and I have a job on top of that… and editing someone else’s documentary with over 22 hours of footage.

And I wonder where my stress comes from.

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