I’m using Google Drive extensively now. I’ve made simple spreadsheets for the first season of Framelines, charts about what segments are shot and what state the edit is in, and the release schedule of all the videos. Since I have a laptop that goes to school and work, a PC at home and my amazing ability to sometimes forget the aforementioned laptop means I can access these files anywhere, including on my iPhone with an App. One of the next videos I am going to edit (after acquiring some more B-roll with the DSLR) will be on organization. I like to keep everything visible and take notes. Much like my editing process, I change my mind a lot. Being able to look at an outline and re-arrange things all the time makes me happy. I’m a visual learner for sure, although I’ve been reading a lot more to compensate for the cognitive and interpretive methods.

With school schedule changing weekly, work loads going from 0 to 60 in a day, and now all my side projects, I have to add stuff to my calendar on the iPhone. I have double booked myself a few times in the last 6 weeks and I hate that. I hate being late and I really really detest cancelling.

Sunday was a low key day. Since I was bleeding a lot, I took a day off from most everything. I still haven’t seen ARGO, LINCOLN, CLOUD ATLAS, DJANGO UNCHAINED, or ZERO DARK THIRTY. I still haven’t watched WALKING DEAD on Blu Ray from Netflix collecting dust on my desk. I did get through HELLBOY I & II, but not even as a double feature. I watched one on Friday and the other yesterday. I just can’t commit to movie watching right now. I need to, but I’d rather work while I have the inclination.

Since no Interns are due to edit until Thursday, I might tackle some of the cuts myself. I figure I’ll hammer them out since I’m in the zone right now.

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