Another year, another birthday. I had my annual party, which was attended a lot better than I anticipated. A friend had done a shoot the day before with a certain fast food chain that in the end provided a “whopper” of a donation, which was some very “royal” burger patties, buns, and even pickles and tomatoes. And we got to serve it all with my new restaurant booth in my kitchen.

I’ve wanted a restaurant booth since the day I moved into my house. Now I have one. It’s awesome. Feels totally cool every day to sit at this thing. The cats dig it too.

My short film has reached it’s 3rd Official Selection to film festivals. I was so inspired, I sunk a little more dough into submissions, along with some free invitations from festival directors, which puts me at 62 festivals total. I got some incredible notes from a Canadian comedy film director I love and his compliments were very encouraging.

Still don’t have another film shoot lined up. Work and life keep getting in the way of actually directing something for myself. That won’t last. I have a real need to get back to my first true love. Soon, my droogies, soon.

I can finally release an interactive project that I did for a television show last year. Now that we’re at the point where broadcast is less important, online is where it goes. My friend Tess did great with this and validates my decision to no longer host my own segments.



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