I forgot to mention that at the Johnny Wu premiere part for THE RAPTURE, someone approached me and asked if it was true that I had been investigated by the FBI during Horrors of War for making death threats. After a belly laugh, I had to dispel this myth. I have not been investigated by the FBI for making death threats or anything else. Aside from the lunacy of such rumors, all I can say is that I am really amused by how nutso some people can get. 

Well, I predict the U.S. economy will bottom out this coming July-August. Based on what I have seen of the market and the real estate/mortgage world -> we can expect a fallow time, quite possibly as bad as the Great Depression. I’m saving up to stave off bad economic times. Also, I’m stocking up on movies to rent in my Netflix queue so that when my unplanned summer vacation begins, I’ll have plenty of visual stimuli.

I’m way behind on watching movies. I did work in a Blu-Ray viewing of Francis Ford Coppola’s YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH. It was not as arty as I thought it would be and much more comic book-y. It was shot HD and also film.

Now I’ve been working a lot. I serve basically three masters. I have my regular workload of editing, and then I have two freelance gigs that I dedicate a lot of time to as an editor. I generally work 75+ hours a week now. As mentioned, I’m saving up for the crashing economy. When it hits, I may be able to survive without working at McDonald’s. If it never hits, I’ll have a nest egg for when I start the next feature.

Having to work this much wreaks havoc with my little buddy, the cat named “V”. He acts out when I’m home because he wants my undivided attention, and a tired, worn out Boo apparently is unacceptable to him. So this past Friday, I decided I would take him to work with me. As anyone who has a cat must know, this is the start of a terrible story…

I put his body brace and leash on and took my boy out to the car. He was fine until we got in the door. He got very unhappy very fast. He climbed under the passenger seat and let it be known for the entire 10 minute drive that he hated travel. He cried and moaned a bit. I think it’s a combination of negative association – his only two previous car rides ended in visits to the vets, once for shots, and the 2nd to be snipped. Either that or cats just hate travel.

I have been a dog guy my entire life. These past few years I’m getting to know how felines are. Cats and dogs really are different. Dogs have the “pack” mentality, whereas if the people/family are there – everything is cool no matter where they are. Cats have terrible short term memory and they “rub” their oils all over the furniture and people to mark them as both theirs and also to be able to remember where they are going. Move a chair or wash things and the cats look at you like you are killing their friends.

Taking “V” out of his familiar territory and putting him in my edit suite at work was a mistake. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ told me this was a bad idea and she was right. He not only hated the drive, he just sat beside the leather couch and would not move. He didn’t cry, but he was unhappy. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ came up to pick him up within the hour. We took him for a walk outside in the grass and that seemed to calm him a lot. Then he had another car ride.

I’m told by My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ that it took over 45 minutes to get him out from under her passenger seat when she got home. She had to squirt him with a water bottle until he finally came out. He was a Velcro ™ kitty clawing into the floor of the car.

By the time I got in late on Friday night, “V” seemed fine. He doesn’t beg to go outside as much now, nor does he complain as much when I get in late since he experienced the alternative.

Since George is in town, we’re going to tape the BEHIND THE SCENES for the UNCLE PETE videos. It will be short, but I think something cool to go on the DVD’s. There are plenty of outtakes and the full length theme song might get me investigated by the FBI….

Sorry I have nothing more interesting to discuss. Not a lot going on whilst I work to the bone. Maybe next month…

PJR, your faithful narrator

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