I feel like 2008 will be the year I get back on my game. Like an ice melting, my creativity has begun to open up some. I have already begun to lay out plans for quite a busy year. I know I have vowed, in this very blog series no less, to never make a short again. That has been broken twice before with ALWAYS LATE and HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS, but the latter has taught me an important lesson; you have to practice to keep the skill-set up. 

On deck this year, before I make another feature, I want to get my game on. So if weather permits, I have a snow necessary short that I have ALWAYS said I would make if I got the right amount of snow and could pull it off. After that, I have 2 more shorts I’ll do in the spring when the weather warms up. One is a period piece, but even more difficult than World War II – Medieval times with a castle. CGI is a wonderful tool, but I can’t make up costumes and suits of armor. After that (or before that mayhap) is a contemporary piece that’s actually an intro to a feature I intended to write & produce, but not direct. I can use it as a stand alone piece either as promotional ala HORRORS OF WAR, or it can just be the end all total piece. I built too much on the Horror genre with connections to ignore it since the next feature will be a comedy to let the genre lie.

My Sexy Girlfriend Veronica ™ has been developing her own feature and I have been solely acting as an advisor. In May, we’re going to go to Vermont to tape in HD an interview with the author of the book she’s adapting. It’s a true story of a Holocaust survivor and I had the idea of getting some longer form interviews with her about her experience together. We can make a nice 15 minute documentary to start, let her take it to film festivals and use that to garner interest in a narrative movie based on the book. Not every movie should have a sample scene or trailer shot of it. Since this is a true story and we can ask the person who experienced it, to me it will be more compelling to focus on the real person. The interviews can be compiled to a feature length documentary later, but we’ll focus in on a 15-20 minute segment to really hook people. So there’s short #3 or #4 for 2008 before my next feature.

We’ve already started taping video blogs of My Sexy Girlfriend Veronica ™’s journey writing her screenplay. They start hitting online soon.

I purchased a new microphone, a crane, a poor man’s steadicam, and even my new 24P HD camcorder so that even my BEHIND THE SCENES will be HD in the New Year and everything will be a little better in quality than my previous work. I’ve been idle too long. The stagnation of working, even as an editor, has stiffened my joints.

All else is well in Rossdonia ®. “V” wanted to participate in the taping of My Sexy Girlfriend Veronica ™’s video blogs, so he even made the cut. I often wondered how he would perform on camera. I’d like to do something for web video with “V”, but I’m not sure what. I don’t want to do something retarded like adding a human voice to him, nor do I want to do some generic “hey look at my cat being cute” video, so who knows? I can’t think of anything, so I’ll just let him be himself on camera with other projects.

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