It’s go time. I’ve got a lot of preparations for my trip to the Greater Los Angeles Area. I want to do many things while I am there, but none more so than getting together with some old friends. ACCIDENTAL ART is screening at the very last on Sunday March 21st, 2010 in the “Dark Comedy” block of short films, which is perfect, right before an awards ceremony. I’m not in this for awards. Getting in and getting played is its own reward. I like playing last though, as it’s got everyone revved up and settled in.

To me, I want to make the screening more affective in another way. The screening is across the street from the Paramount lot, so I wonder if that might have any advantages? Can I create an advantage in that?

Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell. I know this, not trying and assuming you will fail guarantees failure. I’d rather try and lose than not try and bitch and moan about how the system is screwed or how nothing ever goes my way. I can’t imagine how that feels anymore. I will try and keep trying until I feel like I tried every avenue available to me.

Chins up soldiers. We’re on the march…

Dig this, I just put up a BEHIND THE SCENES look at ACCIDENTAL ART!

Behind the Scenes – Accidental Art from Peter John Ross on Vimeo.

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