Hmmm. Contentment breeds not the need to create. I’ve had time to myself, a decent amount no less and all I can do is relax, sleep a lot, and read every chance I get. I sat in my library for hours at a time with two felines burrowing in for heat and near comatose behavior. Lest I forget, I have also been quite a bit more social. With humans, no less. For this time in my life, I feel great. Tis the season of some holidays which means very little to me. My roommate, usually the caustic one, has embraced the time with lighting and festivities. I’m not annoyed, but not enthused either. He wanted to explore as to why.

It’s simple, I don’t really matter that much to anyone. Before assumptions prevail, there is a single word that makes this proclamation less cynical than it sounds. YET. I am still hopeful for the future. I have not thrown in the metaphorical towel on life or people.

I am a man in transition, still becoming the better man to be. I have a lot to offer, but not as much as I will in the not too distant future. I don’t hate Xmas, but at this phase, it doesn’t hold a lot of sway either.

“bow down before the one you serve.
you’re going to get what you deserve.”
– Nine Inch Nails

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