The remastering of 2008 Uncle Pete’s Playtime videos finished today. All 8 original versions have been upgraded with all new greenscreen keys, characters that were static before are now animated, the newer intro is inserted, some sound FX updates as well.  All this to procrastinate against my working on the new mockumentary on the creation of the show.

I have been whittling away the interviews and format, just not as much as I should. This is an art piece, for me by me. I just cannot wrap my head around the business of doing it yet.  As always, since I do not have everything I need to finish this piece, my brain (aka OCD) doesn’t like to start things that cannot be done.

Oh, and the new blog is here now. We converted this entire thing over to WordPress which is brand new to me. I’ve dabbled a few years ago for teaching it in a college class, but never really mastered it. It’s pretty basic.

Got another live show this Thursday night. ALMOST ADEQUATE now officially connected to the Blitz. I have upgraded the cameras to all cinema cameras, 24P and good lenses.  I won a cool lever for lenses from Johnny Wu at the Indie Gathering. So I bought 3 more to use on my glass on the cameras for studio shooting. It’s so helpful for zoom and focus on these cameras and the tight quarters.



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