The stock market plummets, yet my stock goes up some. With the meager success of the COWTOWN FILM SERIES, along with it come the many people who either forgot me or just plain want something for nothing. This type of pattern belies the reality of our society here in the U.S. I no longer have harsh feelings, as it’s not personal, it just evolves that way. My absolute trust is something I don’t give away often. People play games and the expectation remains that people want you to play their games or you become some kind of pariah. I have no interest in the games. I actually mean exactly what I say and say exactly what I mean (without having to write it in a long winded, over bloated style). Looks incredibly likely we’re going to set up a winter 2009 COWTOWN FILM SERIES. By then, several more features will be completed. It won’t hurt to have some new shorts from several people done by then too.

I actually got to edit last night on the documentary for November 13th. I forced myself into looking at it, doing some re-synching of audio, and that (as I knew it would) lead to me cutting stuff. I went into AVID and exported some raw footage to use as “B-Roll”, and to enhance some scenes I have. I actually cut the new OPENING of the whole documentary. It’s an interesting hodge-podge of stuff from one of the bigger days. Pacing for a feature length movie and a DVD-Extra are two radically different things. The old opening cannot be used as it’s not really apt, nor is a clip-highlight thing really apropos to what the overall theme.

I have decided to shoot something cool for the opening title sequence. Using the theme of “IN THE TRENCHES OF AN INDIE FILM”, I saw this technique that I want to apply using silhouettes and creating a virtual 3D trench. Where I’m going to find the time and inclination to shoot and create this, I don’t know, but hopefully there are enough gaps in my work schedule now to pull this off. I think I can. Power of positive thinking? Coming

The laundry list of things left to be done doesn’t seem as heavy now that I’m more or less coming up with my game plan on how to attack this and finish it on time. I may even replicate on DVD-9. I haven’t decided if I want to. Maybe when the movie is done I can say.

Something new in my mind is to utilize (with permission) some of the TV clips and interviews. It will help finish the “story” and explain a few things for us too. I realized nowhere at any time (other than on VIEWFINDER) do we address the whole TWO DIRECTORS, ONE FILM aspect. So that has to be inserted since we answered it eloquently together on that show (And the one of the only times John Whitney and I appeared together).

The hardest part is editing me? I hate looking at and even worse so, listening to me talk. I hear myself talk enough to other people, and now I have to hear me talking to myself? Ugh. I always understand other people’s hatred of me when I edit anything of me speaking.

I only procrastinate on something when I’m simply burned out. Anything to do with HORRORS OF WAR pretty much keeps me singed on the edges and crispy on the inside. I want to move past this movie, but this documentary is the last string attached. If I finish it, then screen it, and then it truly will be over. I can let it go away forever as more of a memory than this albatross.

The next phase is prepped and ready to go, but I cannot start until I keep my word and finish what I started. At least that motivates me to get ‘er done. This week I should be able to make even more headway on finishing the documentary. I plan on giving the project several more hours and whole days this week. If I can crack the nut, and get over the hump of initial work, then I can slide into home plate with a bit more ease.

Working on this makes “V” very happy. My being in his presence creates a sense of unbridled contention. As I type, he lays in a ball next to me, utterly decimating a box that he claimed as his mini-apartment that has lost 2 of its walls to his weight leaning against them. This guy makes me laugh. Cousette pretty much sleeps all the time now. She’s getting old. Poor girl.

We partied at Jessica’s Saturday night. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ and I had a blast, as did most people present. I missed being social. That’s not an issue these days. With every Thursday night after parties for COWTOWN, soon to be MOFA meetings (Mid-Ohio Filmmakers Association), rehearsals, and my day job, I have no problems being the little socialite. I see and talk to people a-plenty lately.

That’s all I got for now acolytes of Boo. The Boo his self has grown tired and must allocate some time for working.

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